Monday, May 25, 2009

pound cake, chickens, and toe rings.

I made this cream cheese pound cake today. I had to borrow a bundt pan from my mother-in-law, since I have every other baking dish known to man but this kind.

I just loved how the cake looked in this obviously well-loved pan.

That guy in the back? That's Owen.

While the cake cooled, I went to take some pictures of chicks:

When I opened the door, this is where they were.

Then I called "hey chick, chick, chick," and they all came a-runnin'.

They are in their eighth-grader stage. Their feet are huge, they still have some baby feathers mixed in with adult feathers, sometimes they peep and sometimes they cluck.

Eighth graders.

I learned something new: if you're going to be in a chicken coop, don't wear flip-flops if you have a toe ring on. While I was trying to take pictures, they attacked my toe ring and the poor toe underneath.

This girl (or guy, who knows for sure) is not like the others (sing along ...). McMurray's hatchery throws in a 'rare breed' if you order so many chicks. Well, hopefully they place them in. She's rather special, and not very bright (that's a red flag - I mean, we're talking about chickens) so we've named her Timmy, from the little guy on South Park. We're going to have to get another 'rare breed' so we can make them fight ...

When I came back in, I finished up the cake. Here's the finished product - right before the twelve-year-old boy inhaled it.


The Cookie Girl said...

Hi Rikki!
your cake turned out beautiful!
I added to my post that you can use loaf pans too. It wont hurt a bit.
Hope you enjoy it.

Fragrant Liar said...

Aw, chickadees! We used to raise chickens and roosters. They were fun. For awhile. So much poop though!