Saturday, May 23, 2009

I had no idea what to say.

Today as we were driving to Target to, God help me, buy the Peanut a Bikini Barbie because all of her friends had them and they played at recess and she was the only one who couldn't play Mermaids of the Haunted Castle, we had this conversation:

The Nut was explaining to me that one of her friends was "going to be the mom but she didn't know how to be a mom but I know how to be a mom."

Me: "oh yeah?"

Nut: "Yep! When you're a mom you get to work all the time. And you get to drive alllll over the place. And you get to cook. You get to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

She took a breath here.

"And you get to have all the babies."

And just so I don't get sued by my bff, Katie Mihalak took the Nut's picture above.


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

She is very observant and accurate.

Keely said...

I love how she says you "get to". At least she won't be overwhelmed when she gets to motherhood herself!