Saturday, July 25, 2009


If you watch South Park, you'll know who Timmy is.

Here is our Timmy (the yellow (Buff Polish) hen:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #7

This was taken on my last trip to the Penn Stater for a conference - I wanted nothing more than to completely ditch my meetings, grab my book and a cup of tea, and spend the afternoon here.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spin Cyle: Driving Me Crazy

When I read the challenge for this week's Spin Cycle, I was immediately laughing, remembering this:

I had not been living in the Almost-Great-White-North for very long, and this winter was a doozy! There was just no 'easier way' to go; all the roads were snow-packed and sketchy, making me very nervous. This made me mad at myself for being such a ninny about driving on snow, for cryin' out loud, people do it all the time. And they survive. So I made myself drive like a normal person even though it scared the bejesus out of me to do it.

The route to school was full of twists and turns, no berm to speak of, and not a Penn DOT truck to be seen (resulting in no clearing, no salt). Scary, but I had to go to school. I had to.

As I am driving (not creeping - just going a little slow because of the packed snow) and I approaching a sharp curve to the right, a rather large truck comes up fast behind me, and without even a pause, PASSES ME. On snow-packed roads, up a hill, on a blind curve. I was pissed - if there was a car coming, none of us would have been able to avoid a collision. What if the kids had been in the car? All this flashed through my mind in a split second.

So I sped up, just enough to catch him, honked my hard - long and loud enough to get his attention - and flipped him off. HA!

Then I noticed something.

Something that would normally not be a big deal, but something that turned out to be rather significant in this moment.

I was wearing mittens.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #5 aka Better Late Than Never. Possibly.

Painting 101 and a great giveaway link

First. let me say that I took all kinds of pictures to accompany this post, but my camera just said no to uploading to iPhoto. Just plain no.


I have some interesting, yet little-known facts about painting a bedroom. I have been excited to do this project for the Peanut and the UMC (Unloved Middle Child), picking out colors and scheming ideas. The Nut wanted a "mermaid princess room" but, instead of being sucked into the Disney vortex of doom, I proposed creating a room for a mermaid princess and she loves that idea. The walls are painted a green color named 'mermaid,' and I intend to dot her ceiling with fake diamonds, pepper her tulle curtains with gems and sea paraphernalia, and create a top to her dresser with the undersides of the little glass doo-dads you put in the bottoms of vases - flat side up. UMC's bedroom is going to be a creamy khaki color called 'cottage' with mauve accents and an idea for a series of collages that I will only be able to explain with pictures. Ahem.

As I started painting the ceiling, I though in tweets:

rikkifish Roll three: I chose to this *why* again?

rikkifish Roll six: oh yeah, this is why painters wear hats.

rikkifish Roll 37: I love my children I love my children I will finish this I will finish this

The facts I had no idea existed but seriously appear to be true:

1. If you are low on heating fuel, be it oil, gas, or wood, simply opening a can of paint raises the temperature of the room you are painting by 20 degrees, despite breezes, cloudy cool weather, or oscillating fans.

2. It is grammatically incorrect to use the the phrase "When I paint," either before or after the simple sentence "I will be more careful and not need drop cloths."

3. No matter how many rolls of masking tape you buy, you will always be one short.

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