Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ok, I think maybe I'm too busy. Or maybe someone is slipping me drugs but I don't have any fun side affects; they just make me stupid.

Imagine this: My children are playing together - nicely - on the PS2 and they are playing Madden which is perplexing on many levels but still nice. There I am, shredding the beef into the home made salsa that is simmering in the cast iron skillet, wafting through the house, dancing in whorls of airborne flotsam and jetsam from the woodstove. A tab of bacon fat into a smaller cast iron pan, melting to marry the frijoles refritos with the cumin and salsa. mmmmmm.

I walk into my room to pick up a book. Not to sign a treaty or hammer out the cure for cancer, but just to pick up a book. And forget. I open my laptop (?) and start reading about Jenny and Oatmeal and Obama and the Peanut comes hurtling into my room and says all breathy that the house is on fire 'cause there's smoke.

Luckily, no fire, but Lord, do I have a house FULL of smoke, because bacon renderings apparently smoke like the dickens when left unattended. Apparently.


Anonymous said...

I did a similar thing with bacon the other day. Put a few pieces in a pan, turned on the stove, walked out of the room to do a bazillion other things. Answered the ringing phone, chatted a bit but could hear this odd sizzling sound somewhere in the house.

I thought someone had broken into the house. Because burglars apparently make sizzling noises as they rob you blind.

Katie said...

At least it's yummy smoke, it could have been eggs or fish or something.

They should make a glade-plug-in that smells like frying bacon.

Brenda Jean said...

Blogging or reading while cooking is always a danger for me. 2 minutes can turn into 10 or 15 mightly fast! Welcome to SITS:)
See you at roll call!