Wednesday, March 25, 2009

owls and hair. but not hairy owls.

This weeks Spinfest is all about quirks (which is a fun word to say, especially because it sounds like quirt, which sends my fantastical mind whirling into giggly areas).

The Peanut hates loose hair. Finds it horrifying and disgusting; it gives her the all-overs to have to take the hairbrush back to the kids' bathroom after I have tortured her with it in the morning - she pinches the handle between the very edges of her thumb and forefinger and holds it at arm length so that there is no danger of a hair coming in contact with any part of her body or clothing.

The other morning Peanut came running into the bathroom, without knocking, all out breath. In a high, screamy voice, she let me know that "there's a SPIDER on the floor by my CLOTHES" and the I "NEED to come and KILL IT NOW."

Calm down, Peanut, I'll be there in a sec - Mama's almost done putting on mascara.

She took a breath, and to my well-hid astonishment, did actually calm down. And left the bathroom.

I finished separating and lengthening my lashes and turned to go kill the spider when the Peanut came back into the bathroom, holding her hand out, her flat palm up. I said "show me where the spider is honey, and Mama will kill it." "No thanks," she piped. "I killed it. See?" Sure as shit, there's a smooshed spider-like blop on her palm.


"Wow! That was brave! Great job, Peanut!" (I did take some pride (still do) in being so upbeat and completely not gagging at 6:15 AM). "Now just wash your hands, baby." She walked to the sink and made the strangest noise, something like a squealed "gak!" I looked at her and she said "I CAN'T - there's a HAIR!" A hair? "A HAIR! In the SINK!" Yep, there was a hair. "Wait a minute," I said. "You will KILL a SPIDER with you bare hands, but you won't wash your hands, covered in spider death-goo, because there is a hair in the sink?" Over her glasses she looked me in the eye, so solemn and disdainful, and said "Hair is nasty." And she walked out to go wash her hands in the other bathroom which, apparently, was hair-free.

My middle daughter loves owls in a way that is sometimes uncomfortable but I guess it could be worse and she could love crack pipes or used tires in the same way. So when I saw this darling necklace I bought it immediately to put into an Easter egg and tuck into her basket. (Hopefully she doesn't read my blog. I don't think she does since, until this very moment, it's owl-free and is not connected to her iPod, phone, or Facebook page.)

Then I realized that it is made out of a Scrabble tile and I nearly fainted from the cuteness of it all. These adorable pendants are not limited to owls - oh no! Want one? Simply go here. Then you can nearly faint from cuteness. If you haven't already.

Thank you Mark and Stef for creating such darling owl pendants that my daughter will swoon at the sight of! This should make Easter morning very interesting!


Sprite's Keeper said...

I WISH I had your daughter's quirks! I can't tell you how many spiders I've had John "dispatch", no matter how small they are. But since I have a lot of hair and lose a lot of it every time I wash it, I don't think my life would be worth much if I was afraid of it. The owl pendant is a hoot! Get it? Um, you're linked and I'm lame. (Great Spin!)

Claire said...

Homestudio is the greatest! I had the hardest time deciding which tiles to order because they are all so cute. i got a little red converse all-star sneaker and another one with a little bird on a wire. Too cute!

Katie said...

That story is priceless. How on earth does the nastiness scale tip towards "hair" over "smooshed spider guts"?

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

My husband is freaked out by geckos. Butif a cockroach gets in the house he will smash it with his bare hands.

Your daughter sound adorable. Great spin.

Anonymous said...

That story is a classic! One you will be telling for years to come, I"m sure.

And how adorable is that owl? Sweet!

Camille said...

I cannot imagine being more afraid of a single hair than a spider. That's prime time.


Laufa said...

Cute necklace! Too funny about the hair, does she realize there are at least a million hairs on the top of her head? Great spin!

Sammanthia said...

Hair is so much grosser than spider guts, right? Yeah, I didn't think so.;)

Carebear said...

LOLOL at the spider and hair incongruity! What a character your little peanut is! And I'm loving the new trend toward owl everything. Those recycled scrabble tile necklaces are just too cute! Just stopped by to say thanks for entering my Support the Troops giveaway! I’ll be drawing two winners tonight. Hope you’re one of them!