Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merrrrrrry 'rishtmash.

As I walked through the grocery store, shopping for the Christmas Eve dinner at my home, surrounded by my husband's family, I thought about Tradition. Yes, I know it's not a proper noun, but that's how it sounds, how it feels in my head, all capitalized and stoic.

I thought about how families I know have Christmas Traditions, like watching movies together on Christmas Eve, or volunteering as a family at the soup kitchen, or gathering all the aunts and cousins to bake and decorate Christmas cookies. Beautiful things that draw them closer as families and create warm memories.

Our family? Every Christmas Eve, when we gather for dinner and to open presents, I am to, without fail, serve Bloody Marys. So while the shoppers that bustle around me with sprinkles and cranberries, tinsel and bows, I am on my way to buy The Christmas Vodka.



Katie said...

It's probably a lot more fun at your house than at my Grandma's.
I think I'm making the Christmas vodka a tradition from now on too, the Limoncellos went over pretty big.
Thank YOU for giving me the confidence that comes from knowing someone out there actually likes what I write. I look forward to each and every one of your posts in 2009.

Katie said...

I couldn't bring myself to comment about cake on your guilt post. But that dragon cake is freaking awesome, in a 14-year-old-boy-with too-much-time-on-his-hands kind of way! It's way better than an ice sculpture because:
a. it lasts longer
b. probably tastes a hell of a lot better (plus your tongue won't stick to it)